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  • Olivia Westman

May Maintenance Checklist

After months of anticipation, the warmer days of May have arrived. While firing up the grill and soaking up the sun might be at the forefront of your mind (and who can blame you?), it's important to take care of some essential home maintenance tasks first. Before you can fully embrace relaxing afternoons in your hammock or lounging by the pool, here's a checklist to ensure your home is in top shape:

  1. Inspect and Clean Gutters: Clear out any debris that has accumulated over the winter months to prevent clogs and water damage.

  2. Check Roof and Chimney: Look for any signs of damage or wear and tear, such as loose shingles or cracks in the chimney. Arrange for repairs if necessary.

  3. Service HVAC System: Schedule a professional inspection and maintenance for your heating, ventilation, and air conditioning system to ensure it's ready for the summer months ahead.

  4. Inspect Outdoor Plumbing: Check outdoor faucets, hoses, and sprinkler systems for leaks or damage. Repair or replace any faulty components.

  5. Inspect Deck and Patio: Check for signs of wear and tear, such as loose boards or cracks. Clean and treat wood surfaces as needed to prolong their lifespan.

  6. Seal Windows and Doors: Inspect seals and weather stripping around windows and doors. Repair or replace any damaged areas to improve energy efficiency.

  7. Landscape Maintenance: Trim bushes and trees, weed flower beds, and fertilize lawn areas as needed to keep your outdoor space looking its best.

With PMD, we’re here to make maintenance as quick and easy on you as possible. We guide the repairs and maintenance tasks that are necessary, addressing structural concerns, resolving plumbing or electrical issues, and ensuring proper ventilation. PMD offers maintenance services to keep your property in top condition. Whether you need regular maintenance checks or emergency repairs, PMD's team of professionals are here to make sure your project stays on track. Reach out today!

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